Olabisi Kuboni, Ph.D, is a retired senior lecturer of the University of the West Indies, where she was involved in the field of open, online and distance learning from 1997 to her retirement in 2012. Building Learning Skills is a project that she has undertaken to continue work in this area, with the overall goal of developing web-based self-instructional materials to assist students, and in particular adult students, to develop skills necessary for successful learning at the tertiary level.

Dr. Kuboni is of the view that many students at this level lack the foundational skills required to support meaningful learning in their various areas of study. She also holds the view that institutional goals should not restrict students to the acquisition of the content of their various programmes of study but should also aim to equip them with “ academic abilities, transferable skills, personal and professional qualities” that will enable them “to take on positive roles in society …” (UWI, 2012, p. 47).

It is the intention of the project developer that Building Learning Skills will provide the support for the development of this type of learner.


University of the West Indies (2012). Strategic Plan, 2012-2017.

    Available courses

    Working on your Project is comprised of 5 Units, with each unit consisting of

    • Learning  Objectives
    • Study Materials
    • Self-Assessment Exercise
    • Resource Materials
    Here is an overview of the units:

    Unit 1 : The project as a vehicle for problem solving
    Unit 2 : Sourcing information to guide examination of problem
    Unit 3 : Fleshing out the problem – two examples
    Unit 4 : Data collection and analysis
    Unit 5: Developing solutions; creating innovation

    Delving into Academic Text comprises two units:

    Unit 1: Statements: similarities and differences

    1.1 Recognizing Statements
    1.2 Facts
    1.3 Assertions
    1.4 Generalizations
    1.5 Directives and opinions – Partial statements

      Unit 2: Analysis in Academic text

      2.1 Analysis: breaking down; creating layers
      2.2 Analysis of a process
      2.3 Analysis of a concept
      2.4 Analysis to substantiate, support a statement
      2.5 Analysis as the basis for building an argument